Glossary of Healthcare Terms

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Provider Sponsored Organization

A cooperative venture of group providers who control an integrated provider system engaged in both delivery and financing of health care services.

Provider-Based Status

The relationship between a main provider and a provider-based entity or a department of a provider, remote location of a hospital, or satellite facility that complies with the provisions of the provider-based rule.

Psychiatric Hospitals

Hospitals that administer specialized services to patients with psychiatric illnesses.


Psychologists conduct psychological and neuropsychological testing, make clinical diagnoses, and design treatment plans for patients.


Study of the mind and human behavior.


Technologies to deliver mental health services.

Public Health

An area of healthcare centered around "community health point of view," that considers "the means of defense(s) against disease a social problem."

Purchase Option

The right, but not the obligation, to purchase an asset, enterprise, or service, at a predetermined point or within a predetermined period in the future, typically for a predetermined price.

Purple Pill

A treatment for bleeding ulcer patients, with a proton-pump inhibitor like Prilosec (omeprazole), that stops bleeding prior to endoscopy.


Vital energy.

Qi Gong

A technique that combines meditation, regulated breathing techniques, and physical motion to improve blood and qi circulation and strengthen immunity.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO)

"A judgment, decree, or order that is made pursuant to state domestic relations law," that creates, recognizes, or assigns an alternate payee

Quality Review

The final review of a valuation report checking for errors in the assemblage of the final reports, including printing errors, page layout errors and quality assurance of the materials utilized.

Qui Tam Action

Also known as a whistleblower suit, a qui tam action is an action brought under a the False Claims Act or similar statute that allows a private person (e.g., employees, former employees, competitors, subcontractors) to sue for a penalty, part of which the government or some specified public institution will receive.

Radiation Therapies

uses high energy light beams or charged particles to stunt tumor cell proliferation thereby treating cancer.
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