Glossary of Healthcare Terms

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Facilities and Services

The criteria for classifying healthcare organizations comprised of descriptors attributed to a company

Facility Metrics

Healthcare organizations are classified by the following criteria: total number of facility beds, utilization, finances, and staffing.

Fair Market Value (FMV)

The value in arm’s-length transactions, consistent with general market value, without taking into account any ability between parties to refer business to each other.

Fair Value

The price that would be received to sell an asset or paid to transfer a liability (an exit price) in an orderly transaction between market participants at the measurement date.

Fairness Opinion

“[A] view as to whether the consideration offered in a deal is within the range of what would be considered ‘fair.’”

Fee Arrangements

The payment system agreed upon between consultant and client based on the amount of time and resources an engagement requires and its profitability for the consultant. Generally flat fees and hourly rates are used for consulting.

Fee for Service

A payment policy under which providers receive a fee for each service provided (e.g., an office visit, test, procedure, etc.).

Fee Schedule

A fee schedule is a payment system under which the fees for procedures are explicitly laid out and the physician agrees to accept those fees as full payment unless the discounted charges are less than the fee schedule; in which case the plan pays the lesser of the two.


A payment policy under which providers receive a fee for each service provided (for example, an office visit, test, procedure, etc.).

Financial Benchmarking

A method of financial analysis that may be used to understand the operational and financial status of a healthcare organization. Financial benchmarking consists of three steps (1) historical subject benchmarking, (2) benchmarking to industry norms, and, (3) financial ratio analysis.

Financial Liability

Liability that assigns responsibility for any debt accrued by the practice.

Financial Ratio Analysis

A subset of financial benchmarking that uses ratios, calculated as measurements of various financial and operational characteristics that represent the financial status of an enterprise, which are then evaluated in terms of their relative comparison to generally established industry norms.

Financial Relationship

An ownership or investment interest in the DHS entity, or a compensation arrangement between the DHS entity and the referring physician or a member of his immediate family. The law further describes "ownership/investment interest" to include debt, equity or other means. The term also includes an interest in an entity that holds an ownership or investment interest in any entity providing DHS services.

Financial/Revenue Stream-Related Intangible Assets

Includes office share arrangements; management services agreements; and financing agreements including options.

Follow-on Biologics

New Generation biologics.
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