Glossary of Healthcare Terms

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Radiation Therapies

uses high energy light beams or charged particles to stunt tumor cell proliferation thereby treating cancer.

Real Estate

The physical land and all appurtenances affixed to the land, such as structures.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

A method of financing which involves investment in a wider portfolio of real estate assets than simply acquiring a single property (typically real property). The owner of the premises may obtain REIT financing by agreeing to sell their real estate assets to the trust and subsequently leasing back the property, thereby acquiring cash to invest in its core healthcare functions.

Real Property

Land and anything growing on, attached to, or erected on it, excluding anything that may be severed without injury to the land. Can be either corporeal or incorporeal, including all interests, benefits, and rights inherent in the ownership of real estate.

Reasonable Compensation

The amount that would ordinarily be paid for like services by the enterprises (whether taxable or tax-exempt) under like circumstances.

Reciprocal (Limited) Licensure

Provides an interstate license for use with telemedicine practitioners applied for through a simple application process and reduced licensing fees. This license is solely used for telemedicine and may not be used to physically practice in another state.

Registered Dieticians (RD)

RDs promote healthy dietary habits and consult on matters of nutritional modification in order to prevent, treat, and manage illnesses and conditions by creating dietary programs and overseeing a patient

Registered Nurses (RNs)

RNs graduated from an accredited nursing education program, successfully passed the NCLEX-RN national licensing examination, and provide a variety of preventative and medical care services, with some amount of independence, but usually in collaboration with other health professionals, including the assessment, diagnosis, and, in some cases, treatment of patients.

Registered Pharmacist (RPhs)

A pharmacist who has been licensed by his or her state.

Regulatory/Legal-Related Intangible Assets

Includes facility licenses; medical licenses; permits; litigation awards and liquidated damages; certificate of need; Medicare certification; and, other certifications and accreditations.

Rehabilitation Therapists

Rehabilitation therapists are mid-level therapists who trained in a specific type of rehabilitative and maintenance therapy; they provide an array of services intended to restore or enhance a patient

Rehabilitative and Chronic Disease Hospitals

Hospitals that provide services that promote restoring health, maximizing quality of life, and recovery; rehabilitation and chronic disease hospitals can effectively service disabled patients.

Rehabilitative Therapy Centers

Focus on an interdisciplinary approach to treatment due to the scope of conditions treated, as well as the wide range of providers who typically work together in developing and executing a patient


Based on the Japanese belief that physical healing results from spiritual healing, which is procured by spiritual energies that channel through the Reiki practitioner.

Relative Value Units (RVU)

Fungible units of physician clinical services composed of three components work RVUS, practice expense RVUs, and malpractice RVUs.
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