Strategic Planning

Strategic Healthcare ConsultingToday’s healthcare enterprises operate in a progressively consolidated market, as the effects of reforms associated with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) reverberate throughout the healthcare industry.  Health Capital Consultants (HCC) designs and develops comprehensive strategic plans to assist healthcare organizations in the creation of market advantage in this increasingly competitive environment.  HCC’s  healthcare industry thought leadership, as evidenced through HCC’s acclaimed textbooks, peer reviewed articles, faculty and lecture assignments, as well as HCC's renowned research library, assists our strategic planning team in developing creative solutions in order to efficiently respond to this rapidly evolving healthcare competitive environment.

HCC develops strategic plans, in partnership with your organization’s leaders, utilizing a tried and true three-step model: 

  1. Clarify the mission/vision,
  2. Create strategic objectives; and,
  3. Develop tactical plans.

The comprehensive assessment of healthcare organizations does not lend itself to “ad hoc” conclusions.  Accordingly, HCC emphasizes a thoroughly researched  "need, fit, and risk" approach to decision-making, and employs market information about the trends associated with the regulatory, reimbursement, and technological environments in which your organization operates in order to assist with the development of its strategic plans, including analyses of your organization’s patient population, competitors, as well as financial and operational considerations. HCC's thorough examination of this information allows for the development of optimal strategic objectives for your organization.  HCC Professionals, with extensive implementation and interim management experience, will then assist you in developing tactical plans to support the select strategic initiatives which can be implemented on time, with efficient use of available resources. 

The strategic planning process may include: 

  • Analysis of your organization; 
  • Studies of financial feasibility.
  • Analysis of costing methodologies;
  • Identification of new market opportunities; 
  • Creation of marketing studies; 
  • Assistance in defining your future goals; 
  • Development of strategies for change and growth, including the development and tracking of relevant performance metrics; and,
  • Suggestions for new program development or reorganization; 

The proven discipline of HCC’s strategic planning process, and the results of these analysis', allow for the successful development of your organization’s goals and implementation plans.  In the end, we understand that “our product is our process.”