Glossary of Healthcare Terms

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Derived from similar processes or services in an industry, competitors, or internal organization in order to set a level of care as a goal to be attained.


A method of finding and implementing best practices by comparing a business or healthcare entity against the best in order to reach new goals and pursue continuous improvement.

Benchmarking to Industry Norms

A subset of financial benchmarking used to compare internal company-specific data to survey data from other organizations within the same industry.

Beta Estimation

A regression technique that measures the marginal sensitivity of the selected publicly traded entity


A "warehouse" that collects, catalogs, and stores samples of bodily substances and reference materials, which may then be utilized to identify unknown samples in furtherance of scientific research and development.

Biofield Therapies

It involves the application of pressure and manipulation by placing the hands in or through energy fields that are believed to surround and enter the human body. Such therapies include qi gong, Reiki, and therapeutic touch.


Therapeutic products that are developed using living sources; examples of biologics include vaccines, blood and blood products, and allergenic extracts and tissues.


An important tool for diagnosing and monitoring cancer, however some critics believe biomarkers, as a clinical treatment process, were a failure.


A pharmaceutical product manufactured by biotechnology methods (involving live organisms or bioprocessing).

Biosimilar Production

Redevelopment of new generation biologics.

Blockage Discount

A price concession that will typically be accepted by a controlling interest holder of a freely-traded company when selling a large block of stock at one time.


BlueCross provides beneficiaries with health insurance to cover hospital expenses, while BlueShield provides insurance to cover expenses associated with physician services. Together, they form BlueCross BlueShield, and the BlueCross Blue Shield Association (works to coordinate the nationwide plans by establishing standards for new plans and programs; assisting local plans with enrollment activities, national advertising, public education, professional relations, and statistical and research activities; and serving as the primary contractor for processing Medicare hospital, hospice, and home health claims.

Bond Issue

The underwriting of the bond issuance by an investment bank, often referred to as “floating” the bond, which is then auctioned to the market, and the required return is inferred from the price information provided by actual transactions in that specific debt offering.

Boutique Medicine

Also known as "concierge medicine," the delivery of care to a limited amount of patients and for an annual retainer fee.


Allows for treatment at higher doses of radiation to treat a smaller area in a shorter time by placing radiopharmaceuticals directly inside or next to the tumor. Brachytherapy can be temporary or permanent, with variable administration rates and doses.
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