Glossary of Healthcare Terms

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"The act or process of determining the value of a business, business ownership interest, security, or tangible asset."

Valuation Date

The date specified for when an indication of value will be reported. The valuation date limits the information available to the analyst to those which would have been available prior to the valuation date.


"The present worth of all the rights to future benefits arising from ownership of the thing valued" (i.e. the expectation of future benefit).

Value in Exchange

An orderly disposition of a mass assemblage of the assets in place but not as a going concern enterprise; also known as "liquidation value."

Value in Use

The premise of value which assumes that the assets will continue to be used as part of an ongoing business enterprise, producing an economic benefit of ownership of a going concern.

Venture Capital

A subset of private equity financing that focuses on smaller emerging companies.

Vertical Integration

"The aggregation of dissimilar but related business units, companies, or organizations under a single ownership or management in order to provide a full range of related products and services."


A company's vision should answer the long-term question: "why are we in business?"

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