Glossary of Healthcare Terms

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An arrangement “under which a hospital gives physicians a share of the reduction in the hospital’s costs (that is, the hospital’s cost savings)
attributable in part to the physician’s efforts.”

Gamma Knife

Employs computerized robotic technology to move patients at submillimeter increments during treatment.

Gene Therapy

Molecular means of cancer treatment.

General Data

General industry research and information relative to the economic; demographic; industry; competition; healthcare industry and medical specialty trends; and, managed care environment surrounding the subject entities, as well as transactional data, investment risk/return information, and market environment reports.

General Partnership

Practices that share the structural simplicity of sole proprietorships; however, multiple partners require more paperwork and result in more complicated liability implications.

General Research

General industry research and information relative to the general economic and demographic trends; competition; general healthcare industry trends; specialty trends; and, managed are environment, specific to the subject property interest.

Generic Benchmarking

A type of benchmarking applicable to a variety of industries, that focuses on the identification, classification, and comparison of key business processes to those of the leading competitor(s).

Generic Indicators

A subset of clinical quality indicators based on a rate of occurrence within the patient population and includes measures of morbidity, mortality, and readmission.


The evaluation of the hereditary information provided by an organism


A disease that gradually causes degeneration of the cells that comprise the optic nerve, resulting in cell death and eventual loss of vision.

Global Benchmarking

A type of external benchmarking that determines a comparison organization(s) based on geographic boundaries and location.

Going Concern Value

The value of a business enterprise that is expected to continue to operate. The intangible elements of going concern value result from factors such as having a trained work force, an operational plant, and the necessary licenses, systems, and procedures in place.


An intangible asset arising as a result of name, reputation, customer loyalty, location, products and similar factors not separately identified.

Governance/Legal Structure-Related Intangible Assets

Includes organizational documents; income distribution plans; and, covenants not-to-compete.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

A measure of the total flow of goods and services produced by the economy over a specified time period (e.g., one year), calculated using an aggregate value of the outputs of goods and services used for final consumption or investment.
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