Litigation Support & Expert Witness

Litigation Support and Expert Witness

Health Capital Consultants (HCC) provides a wide range of technical assistance to legal counsel through litigation support services, focused solely on the healthcare industry, in such areas as: healthcare valuation; commercial damages; lost or enhanced earnings capacity; merger, acquisition or divestiture transactions; provider relationships; managed care issues; healthcare industry research; shareholders disputes; economic and utilization demand forecasting; bankruptcy; anti-trust; discrimination; certificate of need feasibility analyses; and, fraud and abuse issues.

HCC has assisted in cases in the Federal District Courts, State Courts, Tax Court, Bankruptcy Court, and arbitrations, on engagements entailing complex economic, legal, financial, valuation and other related issues across a broad spectrum of provider entities in the healthcare industry by providing reliable and cost-effective services, including:

  • Industry research and data gathering;
  • Preparation of damage calculations; valuation reports; forecasts; feasibility analyses; and, demonstratives for testimony;
  • Background consultation regarding opposing expert reports and testimony;
  • Preparation for hearings, conferences, direct and cross-examination;
  • Expert witness testimony by qualified, certified experts in the healthcare financial and economic arena; and,
  • Assistance to counsel with post-trial filings.