Glossary of Healthcare Terms

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State Health Benefit Exchange

A state established marketplace through which low and moderate-income individuals and families, and employees of small businesses, will receive premium and cost-sharing subsidies in an effort to make private health insurance coverage more affordable.

Stem Cells

Unspecialized cells capable of (1) renewing themselves through cell division, sometimes after long periods of inactivity and (2) specializing to a certain type of tissue or organ under the proper conditions.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Is a highly precise procedure involving the single, high-dose delivery of precisely-targeted gamma-ray or x-ray beams that is used in different parts of the body, but most frequently to treat brain tumors.

Store and Forward

The transfer of digital images between locations, most commonly seen in teleradiology and telepathology.

Strategic Benchmarking

A form of external benchmarking, similar to process benchmarking, that has the potential to fundamentally change business process by focusing upon identification and comparison of decision-making operations that affect the observed business outcomes.

Strategic Initiatives

A company's set objectives that, if met, would satisfy the vision of the organization.

Studia Generalia

Universities in the Roman Empire where law, theology, and philosophy were taught in addition to medicine.


Under the skin.


Using tables, matrices, abstracts, and so forth to distill a body of information into one or more of its essential characteristics in order to gain a general overview or compare information.

Superbills and Charge Tickets

Another name for a patient encounter form.


There are three defined "levels" of supervision for nonphysician practitioners, listed in order of increasing requirements (1) general physician not required to be present, (2) direct physician is immediately available, and (3) personal physician is in the room.


A provider of healthcare services, other than a practitioner, that is permitted to bill under Medicare Part B, including DME, prosthetics, orthotics, x-ray, etc.

Supply Chain

A complex and dynamic system through which information and supplies flow upstream and downstream between manufacturers, distributors, purchasers, providers, and consumers.

Surface Electromyography (SEMG)

"As muscles contract, microvolt level electrical signals are created within the muscle that may be measured from the surface of the body. A procedure that measures muscle activity from the skin is referred to as surface electromyography (SEMG)"

Surgical Hospital

An acute care hospital with at least 45 percent of its Medicare discharges involving a surgical procedure.
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