Glossary of Healthcare Terms

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Liquidity Ratios

Ratios that measure the ability of an organization to meet cash obligations as they become due, i.e., to support operational goals.


Instead of handling the collection and processing of payments themselves, providers may decide to use a lockbox service. For a fee, lockbox services open a provider’s mail, collect payments, and deposit the money into the provider’s account.

Locum Tenens

To hold the place of, to substitute for. A Latin phrase used to describe healthcare professionals that travel from practice to practice serving as temporary practitioners.

Long Term Acute Care Hospitals

Hospitals that target patients who do not require intensive care but who do need more medical attention than other long-term post-acute care settings can provide.

Long-Term Care

Ongoing health and social services provided for individuals who need assistance on a continuing basis because of physical or mental disability; can be hospital, home, or community based and involve formal and informal by friends, family, or professionals

Long-Term Care Hospital

A Medicare term for a hospital whose average length of stay (LOS) is more than 25 days and not otherwise a mental health or rehabilitation hospital.
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