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Recent Projects - Hospitals


Client: 600+ bed, nonprofit, acute-care teaching hospital

Location: Western U.S.

Engagement: Valuation of the trade name and management expertise of the teaching hospital for purposes of determining the contribution to regional cancer center joint ventures; commercial reasonableness of the transaction

Client: 25 bed, nonprofit, critical access hospital

Location: Southern U.S.

Engagement: Valuation of certain assets of a critical access hospital including, fixed assets, tangible personal property, provider agreements, trained and assembled workforce, etc., in relation to a prospective bond issue for the critical access hospital

Client: Nonprofit healthcare system

Location: Midwestern U.S.

Engagement: Valuation of market lease rate for testing rooms; equipment; and, personnel, as well as the provision of certain administrative services provided by a tax-exempt hospital to an independent group of cardiologists

Client: 300+ bed, nonprofit medical center

Location: Eastern U.S.

Engagement: Valuation of the MRI service line of an acute care hospital for purpose of a joint venture with area physicians

Client: National sub-acute care provider

Location: Midwestern U.S.

Engagement: Preparation of Certificate of Need applications for long term acute care hospital

Client: 100+ bed, nonprofit, acute care hospital

Location: Western U.S.

Engagement: Valuation of the inpatient, technical component, cardiac catheterization lab services provided by a joint venture between the hospital and independent physicians

Client: 35+ bed, physician-owned surgical hospital

Location: Midwestern U.S.

Engagement: Valuation of an acute care, surgical spine hospital