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PDF Icon Small Bonus and Incentive Compensations: Emblems of Fraud?
Federal and state investigators are increasing scrutiny of corporate compensation policies, recognizing "red flags" which indicate that such policies could be vehicles for fraud.
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PDF Icon Small Red Flag Rules Finally Implemented, Enforcements Begin Nov. 1, 2009
After months of confusion, FTC Rules aimed at combating identity theft by requiring health care providers to develop and enforce a written policy on identifying the warning signs of identity theft, will start being enforced in November. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Small Medical Device Manufacturers Sued for Off-Label Promo & Upcoding
Five medical device companies have been implicated in a "fraudulent marketing and inducement campaign," in which the companies allegedly gave kickbacks to heart surgeons in order to induce them to use their ablation device for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Small IRS Publishes New Tax-Exempt Organization Guidelines
As part of the aggressive promotion of its message that good governance practices are a critical component of any tax exempt organization, the IRS has released new governance training materials to provide guidance to agents concerning key issues to scrutinize when reviewing the governance of nonprofit hospitals and other exempt organizations by their controlling groups. (Read more...)

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