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Impact of Healthcare Reform Series
This is the fourth part in in a series of articles regarding the impact of healthcare reform on various stakeholders. This article will discuss the impact of reform initiatives on employers, with the fifth part of the series focusing on the impact of
reform initiatives on states.

PDF Icon Small Healthcare Reform Series: Impact on Employers
Employer-based health coverage is a mainstay of the US health insurance system, and nearly 160 million people obtain their health coverage through employer-sponsored insurance plans. Several provisions of The Affordable Care Act were designed to overhaul the employer-based health insurance system, and the new changes may drastically affect how employers provide coverage to their employees. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Small Federal Fraud Task Force Has Largest Takedown to Date
On February 17, 2011, the combined efforts of several federal and local agencies resulted in the largest single-day crackdown on Medicare fraud and abuse in the US Officials arrested over 100 individuals in nine cities and charged defendants with defrauding Medicare in the amount of nearly one quarter of a billion dollars. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Healthcare Reformís Tax Provisions Strain IRS Resources
Efforts related to the implementation of tax provisions in The Affordable Care Act have imposed a significant burden on IRS resources. Some industry experts have expressed concern that the tax-exempt status of charitable hospitals may be at risk without IRS guidance related to the new provisions. In a likely response to these challenges and concerns, the IRS has delayed the filing season for certain tax-exempt hospital organizations. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Healthcare Employment Resists Effects of Recession
During the 2007-2009 economic recession, the healthcare industry sustained the lowest spending growth rate since the 1950s. Despite these slower rates, the healthcare industry continues to outpace other industry sectors and experience growth in the labor market. (Read more...)

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