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ACO Value Metrics Series
Part I of IV
The four-part HC Topics Series: ACO Value Metrics will consider the value metrics and capital formation costs associated with forming an accountable care organization (ACO). The first installment provides the background of the value metrics used to assess these emerging healthcare entities. Part II will discuss the cost-benefit analysis that must be conducted in considering ACO formation. Part III will address the in-depth valuation that must be performed for prospective ACOs; and, Part IV will consider the non monetary value metrics that should also be evaluated. This HC Topics Series is excerpted from the upcoming book by HCC President, Robert James Cimasi, "Accountable Care Organizations: Value Metrics and Capital Formation," to be published by Taylor and Francis.

PDF Icon SmallValue Metrics Series: Part I - Need To Know Basics on the Costs of Forming an ACO
The ACA places significant emphasis on the formation of accountable care organizations (ACOs), yet the decision to form an ACO involves a complex financial analysis that ultimately centers on whether the entity is likely to provide a significant return on investment. This first installment will examine the basic financial considerations involved in the investment decision to form a federal ACO.
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PDF IconCON Law Series Part I: A Controversial History
TheCertificate of Need (CON) laws are state-level regulatory initiatives that require individuals in the healthcare industry to obtain permission to make significant capital expenditures or to construct or expand facilities and services, based on the theory that controlling the supply of facilities, equipment, and services is the best method to restrain rising healthcare costs. The usefulness of CON laws has been highly contested by many in the healthcare industry, and this first installment examines the historical development of CON laws and the process by which states arrived at their present-day CON policies. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Stage 2 Meaningful Use: What's Coming Down the Pike
On August 23, 2012, CMS released the Final Rule for Stage 2 of the "meaningful use" requirement of the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program, streamlining the process for Program participants and offering advance assurance that their systems comply with requirements and qualify them for the Program's incentive payments. Although Stage 2 is not set to begin until 2014, providers should familiarize themselves with the requirements now in order to ensure their systems remain on track to become incentive-eligible. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Shared Decision Making: A Step Towards Patient-Centered Care
A growing trend in healthcare is the concept of shared decision making (SDM), whereby patients with medical conditions that have more than one clinically appropriate treatment take an active role in selecting their medical care. SDM may promote quality and offer greater value, but it is also likely to significantly impact physicians' and hospitals' fee-for-service reimbursement, and reactions from the industry are likely to be mixed as the concept gains traction. (Read more...)

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