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PDF Icon Small Imaging Reimbursement Cuts
Several government entities have called for a reduction in Medicare spending on imaging services, thereby resulting in as much as a 40% cut to physician reimbursement for MRI and CT services. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Small June 2009 MedPAC Report
The Medicare Payment and Advisory Commission (MedPAC) has found the Medicare program "fiscally unsustainable" based on several newly released studies conducted by them over the past year. The June 15, 2009 report discusses these findings, as well as proposes several methods for healthcare reform. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Small Senate Proposes Minimum Charity Care Requirements
The Senate Finance Committee has released recommendations for minimum charity care requirements for non-profit hospitals, thereby raising opposition from hospital industry groups such as the American Hospital Association and the Catholic Health Association. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Small Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Updates
The US House Ways and Means Committee and Energy and Commerce Committee have created a proposal to restructure the method in which physicians are reimbursed by Medicare, whereby payments would grow with the Gross Domestic Product instead of the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula currently in effect. (Read more...)

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