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Healthcare Valuation Series - Part III of IV
The four-part HC Topics Series: Healthcare Valuation will examine various aspects of the process by which healthcare enterprises, assets, and services are appraised. Part I discussed the application of the fair market value and commercial reasonableness standards by various regulatory agencies; Part II addressed the valuation of intangible assets; Part III will address the valuation of services; and, Part IV will conclude with a discussion of several of the more complex aspects of valuation related to the acquisition of physician practice enterprises (and service lines); assets (both intangible and tangible); and, services, by exempt organizations. This HC Topics Series is excerpted from the book authored by HCC Chief Executive Officer, Bob Cimasi, entitled, "Healthcare Valuation: The Financial Appraisal of Enterprises, Assets, and Services," to be published by John Wiley & Sons later early next year.

PDF Icon SmallHealthcare Valuation Series Part III: The Valuation of Physician Services
This month's installment of the HC Topics Valuation Series will examine the various types of services that physicians provide, the determination of the fair market value (FMV) compensation for those services utilizing benchmark tools, as well as the assessment of the commercial reasonableness of the compensation arrangement to ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory standards. (Read more...)

PDF IconACO Value Metrics Series Part IV: Evaluating the Monetary and Non-Monetary Value of ACO Formation
Notwithstanding the uncertainty regarding their ultimate feasibility, there has been consistent support for the position that the ACO concept has value. Outside of the potential financial return to investors from ACO development, an ACO is also likely to have non-direct investment-related beneficial effects for third parties, i.e., providers, payors, and society. This final installment of HC Topics ACO Value Metrics Series will consider the monetary and non-monetary value that an ACO may accrue to interested parties. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Certificate of Need (CON) Law Series Part IV: The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on CON
In recent decades, the theory that CON restrictions can effectively control healthcare costs has been largely discredited and the federal agencies tasked with monitoring competition in healthcare have discouraged the use of such restrictions, yet state laws in this area remain relatively unchanged This final installment will examine the impact of the ACA on CON programs and discuss implications for provider competition in the healthcare industry, as well as the general consensus among industry and government experts that the removal of CON restrictions would likely enhance competition. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Mobile Health: The Newest Wave of Healthcare IT
The healthcare industry is increasingly employing technology to: deliver innovative care; track outcomes; improve quality; and, reduce costs. A "mobile health" trend is being used to improve patient compliance; extend access to rural areas; and, provide physicians and patients with convenient alternatives to the traditional office visit. Though some concerns exist, this new form of care may change the U.S. healthcare delivery system and lead to significant cost savings in coming years. (Read more...)

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