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AICPA Publishes �The Adviser�s Guide to Healthcare�
by HCC President, Robert James Cimasi
November 12, 2010 - The American Institute of CPAs (AICPAs) released �The Adviser�s Guide to Healthcare,� authored by HCC President, Robert James Cimasi, MHA, ASA, CBA, AVA, CM&AA. This 18 chapter, three-volume set provides a comprehensive resource and reference guide for professionals seeking a working knowledge of the factors involved in consulting with and valuing healthcare practices. The Guide is comprised of three volumes: Volume 1: An Era of Reform; Volume 2: Professional Practices; and Volume 3: Consulting with Professional Practices. For a further description of the Guide and purchasing options, please click on the link below.

PDF Icon Physician Cost Profiling
Physician cost profiling, which refers to a process of ranking individual physicians based on a relative scale of spending, has recently emerged as a controversial method of controlling healthcare costs. Issues related to the methodology, accuracy, and validity of the rankings raise concerns for those who argue that cost profiling may be unreliable and harmful to physician-patient relationships. (Read more...)
PDF Icon Small American Health Benefits Exchanges
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) aims to expand access to affordable health insurance coverage, partially through the establishment of American Health Benefits Exchanges. Exchanges refer to new, transparent, and competitive private health insurance markets that will allow individuals and small businesses to purchase affordable qualified health plans. (Read more...)

PDF Icon OIG Regulatory Scrutiny: An Examination of Recent Cases
The surge in hospital-physician arrangements has coincided with increased OIG inspection and an overall heightened amount of regulatory scrutiny, both driven in part by healthcare reform. This article examines three recent cases involving hospital-physician relationships which highlight healthcare reform�s new Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Small Optometry Now Part of Primary Care Under ACA
After years of advocacy by the American Optometric Association for inclusion of optometry services in the definition of primary care, for the first time in history, vision care has been included in the definition of preventive and primary health care services, under the Expanded Services initiative of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This initiative allocates $335 million to �boost access to primary health care,� through the construction of new health centers in underserved areas and the expansion of preventive and primary health care services. (Read more...)

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