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PDF Icon Small IRS Prepares for New Initiative Scrutinizing Executive Compensation
In February 2010, The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced that it will begin in February 2010 a program of payroll audits of 6,000 companies, including an expected 1,500 tax-exempt organizations such as non-profit hospitals. This initiative is part of an agency wide program to collect data that will aid the IRS in future employment tax audits and control excessive executive salaries, especially those at tax-exempt healthcare entities, who provide very high executive compensation under the protection of the rebuttable presumption safe harbor. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Small Concierge Medical Practice Network Acquired by P&G
Proctor and Gamble (P&G) has announced it will be acquiring complete ownership of MDVIP, Inc., a concierge medicine network based out of Boca Raton, Florida. This acquisition illustrates a changing paradigm in healthcare delivery toward a more patient-centered model of care. (Read more...)

PDF Icon Small Self-Pay Patients: A Cautionary Tale
In response to the continuing rise in the number of self-pay patients affecting hospitals´┐Ż payor mix, driven in part by the lagging economy, hospitals still struggle to find ways to rectify the payment issues presented by uninsured and underinsured patients and, in many cases, continue to be perceived as overcharging self-pay patients for medical services. (Read more...)

HCC Background
Founded in 1993, HCC has developed significant research resources; a staff of experienced professionals with strong credentials; a dedication to the discipline of process and planning; and, an organizational commitment to quality client service as the core ingredients for the cost-effective delivery of professional consulting services. HCC has served a diverse range of healthcare industry & medical professional clients in over 45 states including hospitals & health systems (both tax exempt & for profit); outpatient & ambulatory facilities; management services organizations; clinics, solo & group private practices in a full range of medical specialties, subspecialties & allied health professions; managed care organizations; biotechnology and pharmaceutical ventures; ancillary service providers; disease management firms; Federal and State agencies; public health and safety agencies; other related healthcare enterprises and agencies; and, these clients´┐Ż advisory professionals, e.g., their consulting, legal and accounting firms.

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